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Raised in the small mountainside town of Paradise in northern California Olivia is an Artist & Designer working in photography and video.

She specializes in magical dream-like imagery working in layers of mixed media creating otherworldly visuals across the realms of art, design, fashion, and music. She has created album art, music videos, video art, toured as a live visual projection artist as well as produced branded content for her clients. Known for her bold use of color Olivia fuses new practices of editing and photographic techniques she developed with a nostalgic twist on the art forms of the unconventional avant-garde of the 1960’s. An ode to the countercultures of the 1960’s and 1970’s, a free spirit of imagination takes precedence in her work producing modern psychedelic dreamscapes.
Olivia honed her aesthetic while living in London studying Creative Direction at the world famous University of the Arts, London. She has exhibited her work at museums & galleries in the US, Europe, and the UK including the Royal Academy of Arts.
Before studying creative direction Olivia achieved a BA in Fashion Merchandising. With her affinity for the expression of one’s self through fashion, she joined forces with her designer mother and started a handmade,

eco-friendly fashion and home decor line featuring her art as the prints in 2015. 

Olivia D’Orazi is currently based in Nevada City, California. She spends her time nurturing her imagination and expanding her art forms through travel and participating in art residencies.

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